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Complete astronomy software suite exploring realistic skies in real time, with observing log, Sky Quiz, Live Orbits, telescope support, spoken pronunciation guide, a half-million word Encyclopedia Astronomica, and concentrated searches embracing planets, comets, asteroids, DSOs, and over 300,000 stars. An integral HTML guide to the solar system, a 1000-term astronomical dictionary, and the 2nd revised and enlarged edition of Aspects of Astronomy–a book-length primer covering topics such as “What are the Stars?”, “Choosing a Telescope”, “Cosmology”, “Dark Matter”, “Eclipses”, and “The History of Astronomy”, to name but a few–are closely coordinated with the sky display and picture windows.

Stella 2000 talks and teaches aloud. With complete incorporation of Microsoft Agent speech technology, animated characters guide you painlessly through the pronunciation of a myriad arcane star names and lore, and even read aloud from Astrogloss and Aspects of Astronomy.

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