VHDX Recovery Free cracked version

The VHDX Recovery tool, provided by SysInfoTools Software, is smartly programmed for corrupt VHDX files with ease. Whatever the reason behind corruption, a corrupt VHDX file is always inaccessible until it gets successfully repaired. This professional software is best solution for repairing corrupt VHDX files and recovering maximum possible data from them. It contains an interactive user interface which is easy to use and understand. There is no requirement for any prior technical expertise to use this software. Any technical and non-technical user can use this tool with ease. Users are strongly recommended to download demo version of this tool for free evaluation.

Below are the key features of VHDX Recovery software:

* Successfully recovery of maximum possible data from corrupt VHDX files * Support VHDX files saved with fixed disk and dynamic disk types * Master boot record (MBR) and GUID partition table (GPT) are highly supported * Support for all popular file systems, such as: FAT, FAT16, FAT32, FAT64, NTFS, HFS and EXTX * Two different modes for intensive scanning of VHDX files, standard and advanced * Custom settings are enabled for selected partition table with advance scanning * Addition of new custom volume and its setting customization is enabled * VHDX data recovery is performed in three modes: Standard, Advanced and Deep * RAW Recovery mode is enabled for successful complete recovery * Users can add new signatures to either new or existing files with RAW recovery mode * Support recovery from formatted drive if it is saved in FAT file system * Tree-structure preview of files and folders before saving them * Compatible with all popular Windows operating systems including Win 10

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