X KPI Crack and Serial number

X KPI is a spreadsheet program that allows: managing financial and non-financial KPI’s; comparing KPI over any time period; analysing actual vs target metrics. With X KPI you can apply Balanced Scorecard system to your company. 1. Create, manage and monitor 100 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). 2. Categorize KPI’s for perspective and dimension of analysis. 3. Assign KPI’s to department/office managers and horizontal processes. 4. Manage 5 years of values (actual and target). 5. Create a strategic plan for each year of analysis. 6. Analyze data on different periods by pivot tools. 7. Compare actual and target data through customizable charts. Getting started has never been so faster. There’s no software to install or servers to manage. Just open X KPI and start checking your performance. You can duplicate, rename and copy your file, so as to create different scenarios.
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