SBCleaner Standard Edition patched lifetime lecense

SBCleaner is a tool that helps protect your system and enhances system performance. Overtime, your PC performance slows down. It takes longer for your system to boot and it may take longer to shutdown. SBCleaner will bring back hard-drive space and clean-up your history of activities, having your system running like new. SBCleaner will restore your hard-drives performance by removing JUNK files that are wasting space on your drive. SBCleaner will erase activity traces on your computer as well as any internet activity. You can securely shred files that you want permanently deleted. Our file shredder and cleaner securely deletes files using compliant U.S. Department of Defense 5220.22 M Standard as well as the Guttman standard. Files deleted using these methods, make it very hard or impossible for the data to be recovered with disk recovery tools.

SBCleaner can scan your hard-drive for any unwanted files that exist on your PC. This can free up disk space and thus allowing faster performance. SBCleaner can shred your hard-drive free space. Windows simply marks a file to be reused when a user deletes a file. It is quite easy to use recovery tools to recover these files. When you clean your free space, SBCleaner will prevent the data from files from being recovered. It is easy to expand SBCleaner your self. SBCleaner is plug in driven, It is easy to add new third party applications to be cleaned. You simply develop a plug in. We have developed over 1050 predefined third party plug-ins for you. Our junk file module also works using plug-ins. You simply develop a plug in to add a new junk file type to clean. You can also develop your own VBScript and Power Shell scripts that SBCleaner can run.

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