PCTI – SYS Informer with License Key

PCTI – SYS Informer software offers, in addition to information, the ability to control the information displayed. You can start and stop drivers and service, uninstall programs, control processes, set OEM computer information including logo, picture, share and unshare folders, delete startup programs, and modify user, and company information. The complete list of categories is BIOS, components, computer, CPU, date and time, desktop, drivers, drives, environment variables, event viewer, file types, fonts, installed programs, introduction, keyboard, multimedia codecs, network, OEMInformation, operating system, pointing device, ports, processes, services, shares, sound, special folders, startup programs, USB devices, user information, video, visual styles, Win32 explorer hardware, Win32 explorer memory, Win32 explorer network, Win32 explorer storage, Win32 explorer system, and Win32 explorer users.
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