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iTag is a utility that allows you to easily add title, description and keyword tags to your digital photos. The data you enter is stored into the actual photo file itself – using the open standard of IPTC.

Many applications can read/write the IPTC data, but iTag is especially powerful at editing a group of photos all at once. Geocoding your photos is also straight forward by drag and dropping Google Earth placemarks (*.kml, *.kmz).

An even faster way is to simply copy a placemark to the clipboard, which iTag can detect. When geocoding, the data can optionally be saved as IPTC tags (FlickrFly style), to the EXIF fields, or both.

Photos geocoded with WWMX Location Stamper are also recognised and can be viewed in Google Earth. Groups of photos can be selected and viewed in Google Earth. There is also an option to convert GPX tracklogs to Google Earth format.

  • Can copy and paste metadata (title, description, keywords, date taken, geocoding) between photos.
  • Finer granularity of date slider controls in advanced search.
  • Shortcuts for jumping between edit fields added.
  • Added file extension back into photo panel since iTag can tag many different file types now.
  • Tooltips added to grid mode for text columns (handy for narrow columns, wide text).
  • MPG files now supported (XMP stored in sidecar files…

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