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From the developer: “Free Web cam video chat software. Support for WebTV viewers. Increased video output for video chathosts with fast computers and/or fast internet connections. Greater adjustment of image compression. An ‘always on top’ option that keeps ifCam superimposed above Netscape or MSIE. Audible alert (beep) when a viewer has left your connection list. Multiple IP selection: If you are exhibiting from a PC that has both a network card *and* a modem connection, your PC is often reachable through two different IP addresses. When you launch ifCam, it will detect multiple IPs and ask you to designate the IP from which viewers will connect to you. Viewer Block Window: Pop-up window that enables you to block an abusive viewer on your connection list from watching you. Improved support for ‘oddball’ cameras utilizing wider camera sizes, up to 360×290 pixels wide.”
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