Collapse of Rome Crack and Serial key

Collapse of Rome is an educational strategy game set during the end of the Roman Empire. Game play begins at the start of Rome’s “Crisis of the Third Century”, and ends at its conclusion upon the ascension of the emperor Diocletian. Players of the registered version have the option of continuing to play until the year 476 AD. The game play is similar to that of the board game “Risk”, so it is very easy to learn. The interface is simple click and drag. The goal of the game is control as many provinces as possible. Each turn, provinces controlled by the player pay taxes and raise legions. The player uses these legions to attack enemy held provinces or defended against attacks from Rome’s enemies. The enemies in this game are the various “barbarian” tribes along the Rhine and Danube, as well as the Sassanid Persian Empire in the East. Occasionally, legions will rebel and the player will lose control of them and the provinces where they are located. The empire can also be hit by plagues which halt tax collection and the creation of new legions. The player wins by controlling at least one province in the year 285 AD (fifty turns).
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