CinchBack working without activation

CinchBack is an easy to use backup software for anyone. Ever felt intimidated by backup software? If so, then CinchBack is for you. Anyone can use CinchBack to ensure they have a safe copy of what is really important to them in case of computer disaster. Easily make a safe copy of My Favorites, My Pictures, My Music, My Documents & My Contacts. CinchBack will also run in the background and do your backup for you without you needing to do anything. Schedule your backup to take place every week on whichever day and time you want. Your important stuff will always be safe no matter what happens! Additional more advanced features are also available in CinchBack like adding more folders to your backup, viewing backup history, etc. These features don’t need to be used if you don’t feel comfortable beyond the basic needed features. That’s what makes CinchBack a “cinch” to use.

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